Delivering content to a global audience in their local language is a MUST in this “E” era. Keeping ahead of your competitors requires a fresh approach to building relationships with your customers - and language is the key. GEL provides solutions to enable you to achieve global communications aligned with your global audience no matter what your industry, or your business need. The following solutions from GEL provide best advice on content authoring for translation, stylistic guidelines for translators and client reviewers … covering each key stage in the process from project briefing, through translation, review, layout and pre-delivery stages.

1. Terminology Management

Corporate terminology defines the business and builds the brand in the target markets. It must be managed and shared across global companies to ensure brand and message consistency across all publications and languages. Translation Management from GEL allows you to centralize your terms, helps you manage your corporate terminology in all language combinations and keeps it accurate, consistent and up-to-date.

2. Translation Memory (TM)

Translation Memory (TM) from GEL allows you to collect previously translated content into a multilingual content repository and re-use it during future translations or when delivering new information to a global audience. When new content is delivered for translation, the first step is to compare it with any information already stored in the translation memory. Therefore, using the Translation Memory from GEL, global companies can drastically cut down the amount of new translation that is required, thus saving cost and time accordingly.

3. Translation Context

In the background, GEL creates and maintains a unique and customized central repository of your publication archives, gathering your valuable knowledge assets in a library that may be used dynamically within your company. So, all involved, especially the translators from GEL, can find how a term or phrase is precisely used in the context of your publications. With the shared “Translation Context”, GEL helps all involved in the authoring, translation and review process to make the correct choice of term or phrase and view the entire publication context for re-use as required.

4. Authoring Memory

In the background, GEL authors and maintains a unique and customized central repository for all your projects, collecting all the assets that have been already translated in the past into a database, which may be re-used in your future projects. With the “Authoring Memory” tool GEL helps you maximize and optimize content re-use before translation starts, thus minimizing the burden of translation and enhancing overall consistency.