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Our Approach

Human Resources and Translation Supply Chain

Our focus is to select the finest subject specialist human resources and establish a high-quality and reliable translation supply chain, both internal and external.

Project Managers

A central project management team provides only one contact window for you to manage the entire translation process from enquiry through to delivery - across all languages and project activities.

Terminology Management

Accurate and consistent terminology is the key to achieving excellence in translation, thanks to our focus on terminology process management and tools while it should be understood that some terminology needs to be translated into the local language, while others, like company name and brand, should not. Terminology management leads to improved consistency for both local and localized content.

Translation Memory (TM)

Translation Memory allows you to store previously translated content in the central repository of projects and re-use it during future translations. Through the use of GEL’s Translation Memory, global companies can drastically cut the amount of new translation that is required, thus reduce the translation cost and also the processing time needed to publish multilingual content.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

Via delivering content across print and electronic publishing channels to the right audience in their native language, GEL ensures that both graphics and texts are consistent and provides a process for customizing these elements to support local nuances.


GEL works with you to define a translation approach and globalization strategy that seeks to ensure highest translation quality, facilitating the efficient delivery of all corporate information to a global audience and thus reaching your local markets successfully.