Case Studies
Case Studies


We have served the automotive sector and its peripheral equipment (including automotive garage equipment, automotive workshop equipment and diagnostics instruments etc.) for years with technically accurate translations in more than 80 language combinations provided by professional translators.

Case Studies

GEL Puts TEXA In Automotive Diagnostics Instruments For Globalization Success

“GEL provides solution to TEXA S.p.A for delivering personalized user manuals and software products for automotive diagnostics instruments - on demand and in local languages.”

BlitzRotary – Cutting Down The Cost Of Delivering Multilingual Content

“GEL helps BlitzRotary deliver technical multilingual documentations for automotive garage and repair workshop equipment to a global audience while cutting down costs drastically.”

Electronics and Electric

Our clients are among the world leading brands in consumer electronics, home appliances and other hi-tech devices requiring rapid time to market for culture-across and market-suited translations of user manuals, marketing materials and websites.

Case Studies

ELTA GmbH, Faster To Market With GEL's Translation And DTP Services

“Our partnership with GEL has enabled us to reduce translation costs by more than 20% and to improve time-to-market for our multilingual product marketing communications. New product information costing several weeks in the past is to be published within days for now.”

ROOS ELECTRONICS B.V. - Terminology Management Provides Consistency In 30 Languages

“It is highly appreciated that GEL approaches our projects from a user perspective and provides innovative solutions. This allows us to focus on our core business because we have a reliable and trustworthy translation partner instead of simply a translation supplier.”

Software and Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

We provide solutions and services to ICT companies for years, including localization, testing and engineering solutions for IT hardware, software, communication equipment etc.

Case Studies

TOPCOM Deeply Impressed With The Cost-Effectiveness And Fast Turnaround From GEL

“GEL translates our products into 20 languages directly in Adobe FrameMaker format using CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, where graphic processing time, labor and cost have been left out completely. We have been deeply impressed with the cost effective project management by GEL.”

Enhanced Customer Experience: GEL Helps Translate TECNOMOTOR’s Vision Into Reality

“GEL saves money, speeds time to market, and enhances the customer experience for TECNOMOTOR, thus helping to deliver the content of our software products to global markets in a single, consistent voice.”

Healthcare, Lighting, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Financial And More…

We have also worked with many other industries, including healthcare, lighting, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, legal, financial, advertising and more … Please find out more by contacting our sales department.

Case Study

GLOBAL PREFER AG Very Happy With GEL’s IT Solutions And Abilities

“GEL saves money, labor and time for GLOBAL PREFER leaving out the tedious copy-and-paste task and increasing the rate of correctness, thus helping to deliver the content of our website to a global audience efficiently using an instant and online web translation solution.”