Products and Services
Products and Services

GEL provides the following products and services to enable global companies to communicate with a global market efficiently and effectively whether they would like to deliver websites, marketing materials, technical documentations, software products or any other corporate information into any language. With GEL, you can deliver your content in any language, on time and within the budget.

1. Multilingual Translation Service

We translate hundreds of thousands of projects each year, from marketing materials, websites to technical documentations (especially user manuals) and software products in more than 100 language combinations, and deliver multilingual content to a global audience through multiple delivery channels - including hardcopy or softcopy print, on CD ROM, and online.

2. Software Localization

Software localization is the process of adapting a software or web product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. A software or web product that has been properly localized has the look and feel of a product originally written and designed for the target market. A special GEL team localizes user interfaces, online help, websites etc. to meet the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of your target market. Our localization managers are fully familiar with all the aspects of product globalization. We can help you design your new software or web product from the start. With this, you can faster deliver it to market and increase its acceptance, thus lowering your costs ultimately.

3. Desktop Publishing (DTP) Service

With powerful DTP (Desktop Publishing) tools, GEL can deliver to each client the very format that they desire by various PC and MAC software products such as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE FRAMEMAKER, ADOBE INDESIGN, CORELDRAW, QUARK XPRESS, and much more. Besides, we can “speak” HTML, XML, JAVA, SQL, ASP, PERL, CGI, C/C++, PHP, VISUAL BASIC, and many others.

4. Authoring of User Manuals and Proofreading of Source Texts

Before translation starts, we can author user manuals in English according to the working samples provided by our customers. In addition, if the source texts in English provided by our customers are not good enough, we can provide proofreading service, preferably based on the working samples supplied in order to ensure high quality translations in the target languages.